Ghana, like many continent, is full of people who like listening to the radio. Radio content are simply suitable, because it lets you hear news, listen to music, and enjoy talk shows conversation which allow you to multitask freely.

We mostly love listening to the radio when we are driving in our cars, cooking or on the go when we are walking on the street. Radio provide us with a wealth of information, about breaking news, listen to opinion pieces, our favorite sports theme, and enjoy the latest Afro pop and High-Life songs which is currently tearing up the hit charts.

Radio Content, despite the advent of television and growth of internet media is here to stay. It still remains a popular entertainment and news medium and will be for generations to come. Radio makes lives easy, and is a great outlet to get all the information that you need in a format easy to digest


The DFM NEWS that is geared towards General News. General News are by far the Most commonly heard News on the Station. It airs between 12pm – 12:30pm on weekdays, with two or three shows airing over the week and weekends.

What makes DFM News so popular among its listeners is its best information. Typically accept calls and listen to their situations. This close relationship with their listeners has made DFM News one of the most popular radio station in Ghana.

Mavis Davor

 is a Ghanaian Radio News Anchor and a Broadcast Journalist Who currently works with Dikoder Multimedia (DFM) and  Front Desk Executive with Akuafo tv.

Pearl Abaidoo-Abbam

 is a Ghanaian Radio News Anchor and a Broadcast Jornalist who currently  works with Dfm Radio  and an Administrative Assistant with Akuafo tv.